Do you offer credit period?

Yes, we do and it is for all business  partners.

Are there any specific locations where my vehicle cannot go?

We have geo fenced the city limits and we recommend you to pick drop location within the city limits.

How do I track my driver’s whereabouts?

All our app drivers use the Tozata driver app. If you are a transporter you can sign-in on our website and track all the drivers with their unique id numbers.

What are the typeof operations?

First mile delivery

Last mile delivery

Hyper local delivery

Can I do multiple booking?

Yes, the option of multiple booking is provided to all business partners.

What are the different vehicle types and their sizes?

The vehicles available at Tozata are as follows-

Vehicle typeSizeCapacity
Tata ace7*4*5ft750kgs
Pick up8*4.5*5.5ft1250kgs

Do you provide help in loading and unloading?

For help in loading and unloading, you can directly contact the driver and negotiate for prices. We are not involved in price negotiations.

What are the goods not allowed to move ?

We do not move prohibited and non-approved restricted items (alcohol, illegal weapons, dangerous chemicals, etc)  as per Indian law. We do not take any responsibility of Seizure, detention and confiscation for goods in transit.

What are the modes of Payment?


Tozata Wallet

How quickly can I get a vehicle?

It is subjected to availability of the vehicle and your location. Once you have booked the vehicle,  it should take no longer than 20 minutes for the driver to reach your pickup location.

How quickly can my shipment be delivered?

We assure you that we try to get shipments as quickly as possible. It depends on loading/unloading time and traffic.

Can I change my drop location after the booking is confirmed?

The app does not accept changes in current configuration.

How reliable are Tozata drivers?

We have a checklist of documents which every partner needs to submit before he goes on-board. We only employ drivers who are highly trained and professional in their demeanour and communication

My driver/vehicle profile does not match what do I do?

Once you book the vehicle, the driver profile on the app along with his vehicle details will be  shared with you. When you notice its not matching kindly reach out to our customer care chat box and don’t let driver to load the goods.

How do I report an incident?

In case of a mishappening, you can contact Tozata customer care through chat. We would be very willing to help  you.

Are the customer’s goods insured by Tozata?

Yes, we have the facility of insurance for goods. You can purchase the insurance corresponding to the valuation of goods. If the customer hasn’t taken insurance for the goods, Tozata doesn’t take any liability for damage or theft.

In case of damage or theft to the goods, what do I do?

In such situation, once it is established with a conclusive evidence that the damage or theft was due to reckless driving or carelessness in transit, the insurance company will take charge. If required we can help in the survey process initiated by the insurer.

Can I schedule my ride?

Yes, we have an option to schedule a ride.