About Tozata

Looking for Groceries, food, medicines, or documents delivered? What if I tell you there is one solution for all your logistics requirements?

Gone are the days when you had to ask for favours or change your entire schedule just for fetching groceries! Tozata is a one-stop solution for all your requirements. Practically, you can get all your tasks done with 2-3 clicks and free up your tasks list.

Running errands is now a fun task!

With deliveries as fast as two hours, you can quickly start by ordering a task and selecting a vehicle as per your needs. Our delivery executives are trained for fast and smooth deliveries.

Let me share a few examples of what all you can get accomplished from Tozata -
  • Get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to your home
  • Get Groceries delivered in 2 hours
  • Looking for medicines? We got you!
  • Want to send gifts or some packages to your friends/colleagues? Done
  • Shifting to a new home? Yes, we have trucks too
  • Your favourite restaurant doesn't deliver? We are there!
  • Looking for a bike pool for the ride home? Book now
  • Any possible and imaginable task that you may have
To give you a seamless experience, we make sure to -
  • Ensure deliveries - All the deliveries of goods are insured to make sure you enjoy our services with peace of mind. Taking care of everything, starting from buying to logistics to delivery, we have you covered in every step.
  • Faster Deliveries - We complete deliveries in 2 hours for most of the tasks. With an extensive network of delivery executives, getting your work done is now one click away.
  • No Minimum Order - We do not have a minimum order policy. You can order anything and everything.
  • Custom Orders - We take custom orders, and vehicles are assigned depending on your requirements. Consider the services as personal executives on hire!

Everything with the power of technology

We give you all the tools and knowledge of each step of your delivery. You will get regular updates about your order and other details including -
  • The estimated time of arrival of your order
  • The current location of the delivery executive
  • The path taken to deliver your order
  • Last activity, including shipment picked, on the way, etc.

Modern lifestyles leave us with no time for anything. The pace of life is increasing day by day, and nobody likes to waste their time doing everyday chores. Solving the problems and society's demands once and for all, Tozata is a one-stop solution for logistics.

We are here to change your life by giving you the extra time to enjoy with your family and friends. We take care of all your day to day necessities in a time-bound and professional way. With Tozata, you can start quickly by telling us the point A and point B and the vehicle required.

We will make sure the task is done, and the delivery happens safely. Now everyone has a personal assistant for themselves, and you have to pay him/her only when you have the requirement.

Tozata was born after realizing and witnessing a significant gap in terms of delivery requirements. The logistics sector has been improving with every passing decade, but we still face problems in commercial deliveries as well.

Despite a few companies offering similar kinds of services, people are yet to receive an all-inone solution which they rely on. Imagine relying on one company and having peace of mind when you know that more than 90% of your daily tasks will be taken care of by automated deliveries?

This is something that we are trying to achieve. We are working to make Tozata the only name that will come to your mind whenever you get worried about something to be done!

With vehicles ranging from bikes to large commercial trucks, we have all the tools and expertise to handle small and large logistics requirements for everyone!

Why choose Tozata?


Same day intra city delivery

Our efficient network makes us faster, flexible and more scalable than traditional carriers. With Tozata you can send nearly anything across the city with just booking a vehicle on our app for same day delivery of your goods. This eliminates all the hassel and time for personal as well as business users.

Safety and Compliance

Tozata is build with safety and security in mind. We offers personalized, door-to-door delivery with live tracking along the way. From pickup to delivery, see your goods every step on the way, For further safety Tozata also offers an option to buy an insurance which gives full cover against the value of goods in case of any damage or theft.

End – to – end solutions available

Our suite of customized solutions will tackle all your delivery problems whether you are a personal user, a small firm or a big industry. We have vehicles corresponding  to every need of the consumer and we work on every detail to ensure a smooth end- to-end experience. We service all industries but understand the distinct needs and requirements for specific markets. Tozata  is a reliable, fast and inexpensive way for businesses and individuals to get goods delivered across the city.

board of directors

Mr. Shrawan Kumar


Mr. Vishal Godara

Director and CEO

Providing first class logistics services worldwide.

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