We have your back to complete all your basic requirements and get all the chores completed in seconds. Just click a few buttons, and our delivery executives will take care of everything else!

We are currently delivering everything in minutes. We have tied with retailers and wholesalers all over, and as soon as you place an order, the nearest delivery executive is informed, and your task is completed in minutes!

We have an array of vehicle sizes that Tozata currently offers. You can choose from as small as a bike to hiring a large-sized truck for shifting your car to the other side of the country.

You can quickly start with choosing a vehicle size and then specify the time and task. Planning to shift your home and looking for a truck to shift everything? Tozata it now!



Tozata provides a one-time solution for all your day-to-day life delivery needs. Whether you are running errands or you forget something last minute, Tozata takes care of your door-to-door personalized pickup and delivery in a cheaper, faster, and easier way saving your time and energy.

Custom tasks and deliveries

  • Need documents delivered to your friend?
  • Forgot to bring the drawing book for your daughter?
  • Your favourite restaurant does not offer delivery?

With the click of a button, you can hire a delivery executive to fulfill any custom tasks, including deliveries, purchasing, task completion, etc. You just have to book a vehicle of your choice and fill in the information about your task.

We charge based on kilometers and time consumed, so all our services are affordable for all kinds of requirements no matter which model you compare it to!


Tozata makes it easier for enterprises to launch and scale same-day delivery, scheduled, and on-demand delivery to reach customers anytime, anywhere within the city. It is the most flexible and scalable delivery solution to expand your business and increase sales. Tozata gives many benefits to its business partners helping them to bring delivery convenience to their consumers.

It is common for companies to hire extra staff to fulfill custom requirements and complete chores that are not frequent in nature. After analyzing the market and getting to know the experience of many corporates, we have encountered a common problem which is the influx of extra chores at specific times.

Considering this requirement in mind, we have come up with the solution to the corporate needs of deliveries and task completion. You no longer have to ask for favours from your colleagues, and getting tasks done is just a click away.

The model that we have prepared for corporates also helps them save a lot of money as they get to pay only for the job done as compared to hiring full-time staff.


Restaurants in your pocket

Order from your favorite restaurants & track on the go, with the all-new Tozata Food app.

* No Minimum Order

* Live Order Tracking

* Lightning-Fast Delivery


The company promise

At Tozata, our team and Driver-partners are committed to providing our customers the easy one-click solution for their logistic needs ensuring safety and happiness!